Real Estate: Properties for Sale in Menton

Menton is a small place in France located on the Mediterranean Sea near the Franco-Italian border. It has an old, historical part of the city famous for its architecture. It also has a port and Menton harbor is a good place for the sailboats. In that way, it attracts many people who are interested in yachting.

The Advantages of Menton

Another important advantage of Menton is its climate. It can be characterized as a hot-summer Mediterranean one. However, Menton is also a place with its own micro-climate characterized by the milder winter and warmer summer nights in comparison to other coastal cities in France. Such climate creates comfortable circumstances for a living.

In spite of the fact that Menton is relatively a small place, many people are in search of apartments for sale in Menton. The reason for it is its location, climate, and the beauty of the city. It has a basilica built in 17th century in the Baroque style and a Bastion Museum. In that way, the city also becomes in attractive for tourists and those who are interested in the history of the area.

The warm climate of Menton promotes such time spending activities as swimming and sunbathing. About half a dozen beaches are available for those who want to spend time by the sea. Next to the beach there is a covered market that is opened every day. The customers can find there local vegetables and other necessary products.

Apartments for Sale in Menton

Having mentioned all of the advantages of the city, it is evident that there are numerous people wishing to find apartments for sale in Menton. It is easy to do by visiting and real estate agency or even with the help of the online websites. There are a lot of different options for each budget and every person can find something that will fit his or her requirements.

Menton offers different kinds of property from the one bedroom flats to houses with terraces and two-level apartments. A wide variety of choice gives a possibility to find an apartment that will perfectly suit any requirements and wishes of each person. It is also important to mention that the range of the offered apartments will fit any budget.

While choosing an apartment it is necessary to pay an increased attention to several issues. First of all, it is important to choose a part of the city as it could be an old one with old buildings but beautiful architecture. For those who prefer modern and comfortable circumstances, it is better to look at the new buildings.


It is also important to choose a place of the future apartment as many people prefer to live in the center of the city famous for its historical building. Moreover, there are beautiful gardens in the center of the city and the market. However, another opportunity is to live near the sea, which guarantees a perfect view every day and the convenience of getting to the beach.