Garden Gnome Is A Way To Show Your Attention To The Neighbors

Garden gnomes are figures to be put in the garden. They can be different in sizes, but usually, they are not so big, about 10 inches. It is convenient to put them for the purpose of gardens’ decoration under some bushes or trees. They look funny and are considered to be the guardians of the house. That’s why these pretty figurines became the traditional presents for neighbors’ housewarming.

Have you ever considered presenting your neighbors such a cute little guardian for their housewarming party? It’s a good idea as it will possibly stay in their garden for a long time and serve as a commemoration of your friendship. The people all over the world are mostly positive about such little figurines being put in the garden. Some families make a collection of gnomes of different sizes.

Some Historical Facts

Here are some interesting facts about garden gnomes:

– The first garden gnomes were made in Germany at the beginning of the XIX century by a person called Philipp Griebel;

– In 1847, they were brought to the UK and later conquered Europe and the world as the most common garden decorative attribute;

– They were produced in large quantities in Germany before the Second World War. Currently, the Griebel family is the monopolist in this unusual type of business in Germany. Mostly, such gnomes are currently produced in China and Poland;

– One of the eldest garden gnomes (from the first delivery to the UK) is secured by insurance on the sum of 1 million pounds.

– The biggest garden gnome in the world is situated in Poland.

Gnome As A Present That Fits For All

Everyone can be dealing with selling property, and then with buying new property sooner or later. When your neighbor comes to you one day with a question if you can advise some good website for selling a property online, you can feel sad and disappointed that your friend is moving out. However, soon you are wondering whom you would meet as the new neighbors and if they are to become good friends of yours.

You can never know the new inhabitants’ likes and dislikes from the very first day that they move in. It can take months or sometimes even years to get to know them well. In this case, small cute and smiling garden gnome can be a good fit-for-all present.

By the way, it’s so interesting to come to the place where these little figurines can be bought, walk through the rows of different gnomes so bright and multicolored, in order to choose the one that will catch your eye the most. You can feel like in a fairytale or your child’s dream still warming your heart with the thought that a small gnome will please your new friends.