Awesome Customs of Housewarming in Different Countries

Specialists in the field of bioenergy confirm that everything that surrounds us in the house, from the rug at the front door to the ultramodern TV, is connected with us by invisible energy flows. That is why people at all times are serious about choosing places for building a house and for a house-warming. And today, when it comes to a housewarming, even very skeptical people try to follow the established customs. So what are the specific new residence traditions in different countries?

France: beauty and some superstition

pendaison de crémaillère

In France, a house-warming is called pendaison de crémaillère. There is no special magic or rituals in the ceremony of celebrating. The French traditionally invite friends and relatives to a new home. If the dwelling is of modest size, and there are a lot of people who wish to congratulate, the holiday elongates for several days. Most often guests present an unusual piece of decor or kitchen utensils.

Italy: a broom, salt and treats

In the south of Italy house-warming is not the same as in the north. The original South is rich in traditions and beliefs. While moving to a new house, the owners must take:

a broom with them to sweep out the evil spirits;

a bottle of olive oil;

some salt.

Having crossed the threshold the house or the apartment, the head of the family throws salt over his left shoulder, standing by back to the exit.

The Conservative North is three times much more restrained in questions of superstition. The settlers celebrate the move modestly with neighbors and coffee.  Any selling property agent can tell you a lot about buying house in different parts of the country and, moreover, recommend you the best online site where you can easily choose an appropriate option for your relocation.

USA: warming gifts

warming giftsIt is enough to look at nation’s origins to understand the nature of its prejudices. Modern Americans, descendants of immigrants from different corners of the world, re-wrote their history. In such a manner there was born a tradition to gather guests at a housewarming party, at which the guests present warm dishes or souvenirs on the theme of a “home-fire,” whether it is a saucepan or a plaid, for their hosts.

Britain: a cat with plastered paws

In modern England, people love to gift settlers a plant. There is a belief that this will help them “take root” in a new place. The format of the holiday depends on the age of the hosts. A full dinner, as a rule, is arranged by the British from thirty years of age and older.  Those who are younger prefer parties with light snacks and alcohol. The owners of cats have their own entertainment: the pet’s paws are smeared with oil, and it let out into the court. If the cat liked the house, it would be lazy to lick the paws, and it will immediately return to the threshold.

In conclusion, it is possible to note that, despite the different history, faith and prejudice, all nations are united by one tradition: when moving to a new house to gather close friends, relatives, and neighbors together to bless the home with kind energy, joy, and laughter!